My whole world centers around language these days. Spanish, the language I feel connected to for a reason I have never understood. It has always sounded familiar, as if it were background music that I’ve heard throughout my life but never stopped to learn the words to. Now I’m learning those words and trying to … More language

Madrid so far…

I have been in Madrid a month and still confuse push and pull doors. Otherwise, I am learning. That’s about all I can say this early on, when every single thing is new and humbling. I eat food wrong! I say weird things by accident. Sometimes I linger a bit too long really close to … More Madrid so far…

Camino de Santiago

These photos from the Camino de Santiago, a trek I just finished of about 930 KM from St. Jean Pied du Port in France to Muxia, Spain. It was incredible and I met lots of lovely people along the way.       785 Kilometers


Within an hour of arriving in Barcelona, we wandered the streets, waiting to be drawn into something wild. Down a quiet alley, I spotted an unassuming, crumbly sort of building. We peered inside the dirty windows and discovered a marionette workshop. The only guy in the building welcomed us inside and my entire world was … More Barcelona